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Sign up for the Nymburk half marathon - running 21.1 kilometers or

Sign up for the Nymburk quarter marathon - running 10 kilometers

Register Here

Competitor´s registration confirms that he/she knows the rules of the race well and will respect them!

Team registration will take place on the day of race on-site

The sign-up sheet for the Nymburk half marathon and Nymburk quarter marathon 2018

Race registration and timing chips provided to us by


Sign-Up Application
Nymburk half marathon and quarter marathon

21.0975 km half marathon
10 km quarter marathon

Name *
Surname *
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I agree to the terms

Signing up for the race confirms you agree with the rules of the race. You agree to compete in the spirit of fair-play and follow the rules and instructions of the organizers. At your own risk.

Information about you is used only for the purpose of properly registering participants, determining their age category and evaluating the achieved results.

E-mail information is only for sending registration confirmations and important organizational information for the race. Your e-mail address is considered confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone.

If you provide your mobile phone number, a text message will be sent after the race informing you of your final time. Your phone number will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone.